11 Best Places To Visit In Indonesia – 2019

places to visit in Indonesia

If you are planning to visit Indonesia then you must follow this list of places to visit in Indonesia to make your trip more memorable. Recognized as the biggest country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the world’s 4th biggest country with more than 17,000 islands. It is also the world’s largest archipelago so it’ no surprise that the nation holds a vast wealth of variety to suggest the visitors. Here are some of Indonesia’s best tourist destination to help you start planning for your Indonesian getaway.

Uncover the must-visit places to visit in Indonesia

  1. Bali

places to visit in Indonesia

An obvious start in the list, the famous Indonesian capital has a multitude of yet to be discovered astonishing sceneries and spectacular geological wonders, ideal for the traveler who wants to avoid the tourist crowd. From Sukawati’s secret canyon, Bukit Teletubbies on Nusa Penida to the Melasti beach, the island’s sheer beauty will surprise you.

Naturally, large crowds of locals and tourists would go for the more popular areas of Bali.  For a more exciting activity, rent a bike from your lodging place and pedal your way to the streets along with the local frantic vibe and experience the authenticity of the moment.

For your first trip to Indonesia, Bali is a must-visit destination in the list of places to visit in Indonesia. You can stroll the roads of Kuta for a day, after which, choose for a more upmarket experience in Nusa Dua to relax and take a break from the busy streets. After that, head out to the lovely area of Ubud and visit the Monkey Forest, soaring rice fields and water temples.

If you are more of an adventurer, to climb Mount Batur in the wee morning hours is a right of passage when traveling to Bali and gives you the experience far from the huge crowds in the South. Also, a good choice to explore is the Nusa Penida, off the coast and a wonderful day trip from Kuta. It has some neighboring islands offering you stunning landscape images.

  1. Flores

places to visit in Indonesia

If experiencing crater lakes, smoking volcanoes, and beautiful rice fields is your choice of adventure, head out to Flores which is situated in the group of Lesser Sunda Islands. What is admirable about Flores is that it has not been drastically affected by tourism. Its main street still possesses its original state so a visit to this part of Indonesia is similar to getting that authentic local immersion.

Tagged as the “Cape of Flowers”, the place is popular for the Kelimutu Volcano and its Kelimutu National Park’s crater lakes. Well-known for the frequent changing of colors that ranges wide from aqua blue to chocolate brown because of the continuous changing of volcanic minerals that blends with the water.

The city of Labuan Bajo on Flores is known for having access to one of Indonesia’s main destination, the Komodo Islands. Travelers jet in here just to ride a boat the following morning to Komodo. While Komodo Island is spectacular, visitors can spend a day exploring the Flores island first. You may also reserve a hotel room that has views of the bay as that scenery is what makes Flores one of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

Another key attraction of the island is snorkeling and scuba diving. Flores’ reefs are famous throughout the world because its underwater life is packed with beautiful reefs.

  1. Komodo Islands

places to visit in Indonesia

A literal paradise land of the dragons where you can see an overabundance of endangered Komodo dragons. The Komodo Islands can be accessed in a quick leap from Flores. The island is the lone area in the world to see them in the wild. The eighty percent of the remaining Komodo dragon population islands are residing in the island, which is around 4000 komodo dragons.

There are 2000 humans living in the Komodo island where everyone is said to be descendants of convicts who were exiled there in the 19th century by a sultan. This makes for an exciting list of island population residing for one of the 7 islands in the world to boast an amazing pink beach.

The minuscule foraminifera seen in the close shores produces this red coral pigment and once mixed with the white sand can create the soft pink colored shoreline. Together with the beautiful marine life, the place makes a great place to snorkel and dive. Aside from dragon hunting, of course, the main activities you can do on the island are hiking so pack a good pair of sturdy shoes as you will be relying heavily on it.

One great way to experience the Komodo Islands is by boat. From Flores, you can hire a boat for a few days and tour the island. Another option can be the liveaboard dive boats and adventure boats that sail back and forth from Lombok and Flores with stops at several islands along the way. The Komodo Islands surely made its mark on the spot for the places to visit in Indonesia list.

  1. Lombok

places to visit in Indonesia

Another member of the Lesser Sumba island chain, Lombok is much preferred due to its surfing attraction and gorgeous beaches. Located just east of Bali, Lombok is consisting of several small islands which are best to be toured on boat trips and scooter when on land. Do not miss to travel to these scenic spots – Gili Islands, the Pusuk Monkey Forest, Mount Rinjani, and various waterfalls, pretty beaches, and local markets.

Best of all, traveling to Lombok will give you a glimpse of what is the island of Bali like, some thirty years ago. It surely is like a paradise you’re hoping to experience on a trip to exotic Indonesia. No massive crowds and still preserves the majestic natural landscape and is the destination you need when you want to seek true serenity.

  1. Gili Trawangan

places to visit in Indonesia

A tiny desert island full of rowed palm trees and white sand beaches, Gili Trawangan

sits in a surreal turquoise lagoon. The most recognized of the Gili Islands, it is also one of the best Indonesian travel destinations amongst backpackers. Aside from its relaxing beaches, diving and snorkeling sites, the place vibrates a youthful, reggae backpacker atmosphere throughout.

The Gili Islands’ dive spots are some of the best the country has to offer, in spite of throngs of divers visiting the place every year. One of the unique things that are very visible in the island is the absence of motorized transport so your only options are to either walk, hire a bike, or ride a horse carriage as there are literally no cars available here.

Gili Trawangan radiates a very hippy vibe as you will find numerous hookah bars and clubs scattered along the island shore. It’s a place that doesn’t sleep so be armed to spend your daytime in the ocean and your nights in the club.

  1. Mount Bromo – Java

Mount Bromo – Java

One of the most popular adventure activities to experience in the country is to see the sunrise following an early morning hike up Mount Bromo. The mountain is situated in Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park and is among the world’s most active volcanoes but its probable threat is only surpassed by its splendid beauty.

To reach the site requires packing a good sense of adventure as the place can only be accessed and traveling from Yogyakarta or Bali where it takes at least twelve hours of travel time. To get to Mount Bromo you will be spending the night in a small mountain village of Cemoro Lawang after taking that long day drive followed by just four hours of sleep, waking up in the wee hours then hop on a jeep to catch the sunrise.

Many travelers, after watching the breathtaking sunrise, continue on with the hike until they reach the summit’s ten km wide crater and simply gaze into the depths of the sleeping volcano. Don’t forget to bring a face mask as the walk is quite steep and very dusty with volcanic ash and dirt so make sure to bring something to protect your lungs. When you are at the tip of the crater, the long hike will be worth and see the inside of it steam with spectacular views surrounding you.

  1. Borobudur – Java

Borobudur – Java

The world’s largest Buddhist temple that dates back to the eighth century, this Buddhist complex is the most visited among the places to visit in Indonesia. The distinct temple design features layers with intricately carved reliefs.

Upon reaching the top, you will be treated to a huge architecture contrast featuring multiple stupas, both small and large, guarding several Buddha statues and offers stunning panoramic views of the surroundings.

The site is a favorite among locals and tourists if you want to experience the picturesque in a backdrop of an incredible landscape. Majority of the people base themselves in the neighboring Yogyakarta and just travel to Borobudur on a day trip. But, if you want to witness a sunrise here, it is recommended to settle in the nearby Magelang as it is a long drive from Yogyakarta in the morning.

  1. Yogyakarta – Java

Borobudur – Java

If you would like to immerse a little more of the culture of Indonesia, then Yogyakarta is an ideal place to be. It’s a large city situated on Java near Borobudur and the Prambanan temples and is recognized for its traditional architecture and cultural performances. It is where the Kraton Sultan Palace is located. A lot of tours are offered and will open your mind of the country’s history, native delicacies and traditional arts making Indonesia such an appealing destination.

Yogyakarta’s ambiance is quite warm and welcoming, especially when compared to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. Hospitable locals and the city is a safe place to be out on the streets and just take it all in. A lot of markets sell foreign and local items, loads of food stalls to sample local Indonesian food and scores of picturesque monuments and museums to visit.

  1. Bandung – Java

Bandung – Java places to visit in Indonesia

Indonesia’s second-largest city, Bandung is a surprise addition in the list. Do not expect a boring city as this actually an awesome home base for many exciting side adventures. The place is basically a central hive to a very diverse natural area of Java island.

There are so many things to do in and around this vibrant city. You can either check out another live volcano at Tangkuban Perahu, rage through the mud on a land rover or simply watch a few of the country’s traditional music at a Saung Angklung Udjo show.

  1. Bukit Lawang – Sumatra

Bukit Lawang – Sumatra places to visit in Indonesia

If you’re into jungle adventure, then not to be missed is the Bukit Lawang in Sumatra. It is a tiny village located on the bank of the Bahorok River and situated close to the lush jungle of Sumatra. A licensed guide is necessary if you want to trek this jungle. Many consider Bukit Lawang is a haven that welcomes just a small number of tourists who gets to experience something that is so unique. The visitors to the village get a chance to swim in the river and visit locals residing in the heart of a very dense jungle environment.

Gunung Leuser National Park of Sumatra caters to a large crowd of beautiful animals, the most famous of which is elusive monkeys and the red-haired orangutans. These jungles are distinct because they are one of only two places in the entire world where orangutans still live in the wild. Aside from the orangutan rehab center that is present on the outskirts of Bukit Lawang, the multiple days of trekking into the jungle will be able to allow you to see the red ape in the wild.

Other animal residents of Bukit Lawang are families of rhinos, larger cats, and elephants but it will be difficult to spot them. Nevertheless, exploring this jungle will be very rewarding so try to look for an incredible guide and prepare to be blown away by the distance of Sumatra.

  1. Raja Ampat – West Papua

Raja Ampat – West Papua places to visit in Indonesia

The large expanse of Raja Ampat’s archipelago is a must-see place among places to visit in Indonesia. If you have the strength and fund to journey to this fantastic and still baffling group of islands, you will discover one of the world’s most spectacular tropical destinations.

Raja Ampat and West Papua are exotic, isolated, pricey to reach and regulated but these are the things that make it as one of Indonesia’s must-see. Situated dead center of the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampa’s 4 primary islands symbolizing Four Kings, are containing the earth’s richest marine biodiversity that it is referred to as the Amazon of the Oceans. Raja Ampat houses a few of the best scuba diving spots in the world. Loaded with diverse marine life and the cleanest turquoise water, Raja Ampat is the ideal spot for your deep-sea adventures giving you an experience of a lifetime.

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The perfect blend of intense natural beauty, warm friendly people, interesting culture and rare wildlife makes visiting Indonesia a real stunning treat, sensually and visually

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