11 best Switzerland places to visit in 2019

Swiss is synonymous to many for its chocolates, knives, cheese, banks, and Federer! So, We have created a list of the best Switzerland places to visit in 2019. Switzerland is more than the picturesque alpine trees that graced our childhood storybooks, it’s a fairytale land like no other.

Check out some of dreamy Switzerland places to visit:


Lucerne Switzerland

Bordered by mountains, a mural painted historic buildings, covered bridges, waterfront esplanades, and sun-kissed plazas, a car-free town, with bubbling fountains, Lucerne is a sparkling turquoise blue lake blessed with many interesting landscape features. It is no doubt Lucerne is a favorite spot for tourists. It also holds music festivals and concerts like no other. This quintessential Swiss village attracts famed musicians to its yearly International Music Festival. The Culture and Convention Center is home to amongst the top concert halls in the world.

Other popular attractions are the 14th century Chapel Bridge and the Lion Monument, a heartbreaking sculpture of a dying lion found in a small park. The figure gives tribute to the heroic death of the Swiss Guards in the attack on the Tuileries during the French Revolution. Those who love a taste of history will like the Swiss Transport Museum with vast exhibitions on all types of transport, such as railroad locomotives, air and space travel, and even Planetarium.

For amazing views of Lucerne, the Alps, and the lake, ride the funicular railway going to the Dietschiberg on the northern side of Lake Lucerne. For those with a brave heart, hop on the world’s steepest cogwheel railway in Mt. Pilatus, or go to the Rigi, a known viewpoint. From history and Archaeology to entertainment, Lucerne is a total tourist package.

Jungfraujoch – The top of Europe

Jungfraujoch The top of Europe

Jungfraujoch hosts of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Great Aletsch Glacier treats visitors to a winter getaway they will never forget. It is extreme bliss when you feel the cold icy air blow your face, your feet covered in snow, and the surrounding views that can take your breath away. The area also boasts lovely train expeditions to the Bernese Oberland and an inspiring observation porch with a scientific observatory. Whilst the Great Aletsch Glacier is the longest in Europe, the train ride is one of the most distinctive experiences on rails in Europe. In addition, it is also the starting point for the popular hike to the nearby mountains and accommodates a few of history’s oldest of Swiss resorts.

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Situated between Lake Thun to the west and Lake Brienz to the east, Interlaken is a beautiful city that brings in a few of the best summer holiday resorts in the country. Höhematte, a brilliant design in urban planning covers thirty-five acres of wide open space filled with flower gardens, lodging, and coffee shops in the heart of the town and offers scenic vistas that are hard to forget.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

The biggest Alpine lake in Europe is Lake Geneva, which circuits around the shores of a few well-known cities in Switzerland and lies on the Swiss-French border. The city of Geneva lies between adorable snowcapped peaks at the spot wherein the Rhône flows to Lake Geneva. The European seat of the United Nations, the French-speaking “capital of peace” radiates a lovely combination of French joie de vivre and Swiss structure. Promenades, parks, and gardens surround the lake, and the ancient town is a beautiful place to walk between the rustic charms of historical buildings.

A recognized landmark is a fountain in Lake Geneva called The Jet d’Eau shoots water 150m into the air. Cultural attractions consist of the Opera House and the Grand Theater, which stages international acts. At the base of the Alps is Montreux, a resort town which hosts the famous Montreux Jazz Festival held in July.

Around 62kms from Geneva that is also found on the lake is Lausanne. The city boasts beautiful sights over the bordering region and the lake, with the Alps sighted nearby. Take a walk to the medieval town with its pretty coffee shops, boutiques and striking Gothic cathedral.

Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

Standing on the shores of Lake Geneva, close to Montreux, the Chateau de Chillon has for centuries inspired many creative artists and writers such as Jean Jacques Rousseau, Lord Byron, and Victor Hugo and other luminaries who have shared this architectural wonder. The complex which has been a stronghold of the Counts and Dukes of Savoy in the 12th-century covers around twenty-five buildings grouped into three courtyards. Main features include the Great Halls, with a stunning view of Lake Geneva, the Chapel with several 14th-century paintings, the Gothic underground rooms, as well as the Camera Domini, a room used by the Duke of Savoy adorned with medieval murals.

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn

The iconic pointed peak of Switzerland, The Matterhorn is one of the highest mountains in the Alps. This legendary peak found in the border along with Italy stands at 4,478m where its 5 steep faces rest in the way of the compass points. The initial summiting in 1865 ended in tragedy when some hikers died during the descent. Despite its tragic past, thousands of hikers still travel here during summer.

At the bottom of this gigantic peak, sits the enchanting village of Zermatt, a fine international resort with world-class hotels and restaurants, horse-drawn carriage rides, charming cabins, and more. To protect the fresh air quality and serene ambiance, motor vehicles are not allowed in the village. During winter, skiers can schuss down over 300km of slopes. Swimming and tennis are common activities in the summer, with biking, hiking, and hiking in the surrounding mountains. Summer glacier skiing is also available.



The largest city in Switzerland, Zurich is a major transport center situated at Lake Zurich’s northwest end straddling the river Limmat. A favorite base start point for many travelers, the city is among the country’s tourist attractions that show off a rich assembly of cultural treasures like galleries, charming heritage shops, coffee shops, and vibrant cobbled streets best explored through a walking tour.

Is shopping is your thing, Europe’s finest shopping strands the mile-long Bahnhofstrasse, full of designer stores selling fashion, watches, and jewelry. Venturing away from the boutiques, tourists will discover over fifty museums and hundreds of art galleries. Probably the best is the Kunsthaus Zürich, a museum of fine arts, with a remarkable collection of art dating from the Middle Ages until this day. Rietberg Museum, on the other hand, focuses on non-European art with most works from India, China, and Africa. The Swiss National Museum is just a short walk from Zurich’s main station, in a Gothic chateau, highlights the country’s cultural history. Families love the Zurich Zoo which is a special attraction that boasts of an exclusive Elephant Park and Madagascar pavilion, and penguin parade. If you’re coming from the city and want to get a sweeping view of the city and countryside, hop on a train ride to Uetliberg Mountain.

Swiss National Park


Swiss National Park

Founded in 1914, The Swiss National Park is among the oldest reserves in the Alps of Engadine Valley. Being the only park in the country, the government has strict protection rules to keep it as pristine as it was in 1914. Stretching to more than 170 km2 of pine forest in the mountains, it’s attractive to nature enthusiasts to discover the wildlife of over five thousand species such as red deer, marmot, chamois, fox, and ibex.

St. Moritz

St. Moritz

St. Moritz, one of the world’s must-see mountain attractions, boats of snow washed peaks, crystal clear lakes, glaciers, alpine forests, and days full of sun. Having accommodated 2 winter Olympics, the small town is overlooking the turquoise Lake of St. Moritz.

Lavish hotels and expensive restaurants can be seen at this luxury resort town which is separated into 2 areas: St. Moritz Dorf sits on a sunny terrace overlooking the Lake of St. Moritz and the other part of town is the lakeside St. Moritz Bad on the valley floor, a health resort with cheaper accommodation. In the winter, sports activities like skiing, skating, snowboarding, and bobsledding to tobogganing are common on the popular 1.2km  long Cresta Run.

In the summer, biking, hiking, and water sports abound. Glacier skiing is available too in the summer. , St. Moritz has spectacular mountain views and cultural crossroads. Languages like Italian, Romans, German, French, and English are widely spoken in the neighboring areas – not to mention the diverse languages of the many rich international visitors and expats.



Set on a peninsula of the River Aare in one stunning location, Bern, the capital city of Switzerland is a perfect union of the old and not so old, a place that radiates old world charm together with the freshness of the modern world. The city’s medieval old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can see the Zytglogge, a medieval clock tower and cobbled streets that lead to the tallest cathedral in Switzerland.  The Rose Garden offers pretty views of the old town center, and so is the 16th-century fountains and panoramic views to frame in the memories, brings together visitors stay long longer. This place is recommended by me If you are following my list of Switzerland places to visit.

Bern a lot of excellent museums, and art enthusiasts will appreciate the remarkable galleries, including the Bern Museum of Art and the Zentrum Paul Klee which holds the largest collection in the world of works by this famous artist Paul Klee. Do not leave without checking out the markets and Bundesplatz, the Government Plaza with views of the luxurious Renaissance-style parliament building and 6 km of shopping arcades. Families will also enjoy a visit to the Bear Park.

The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls

The largest falls in Central Europe, Rhine Waterfalls is another of Switzerland’s favorite tourist attraction. It spans over 150 meters at Schaffhausen. Boat trips up the Rhine offer stunning views of the falls and so are the viewing platforms on both sides of the river.

The most recommended time to visit is during the months of June until July, when the snow from the mountain melts, piles in volume and spill over a 21-meter high edge of Jurassic limestone.

Small and stunning Swiss

Switzerland is a relatively small country, comparable to the size of the Netherlands but with a fraction of the population. About 21% of its 7 million inhabitants are expats. It is widely recognized for its banking, impartiality, wristwatches and wonderful sceneries. It also works hard to protect its independence as every single one of able-bodied male nationals spends time in military training per year. The Swiss Guard of the Vatican is the only remnants of the Reisege, a band of soldiers who fought in Europe’s wars for four centuries.

Getting There

Going to Switzerland from neighboring European countries is easy, fast and affordable by train or bus. The country is also connected by air with flights landing in Zurich and other cities from parts of the United States, all across Europe and the UK and the Middle East and Asia.  A flight coming from London to Zurich will take around an hour and forty minutes and a trip from New York to Zurich takes about 8 hours.

Switzerland Weather

Switzerland has a fair climate which produces warm summery days with cool night and cold sunny winters with lots of snow throughout the skiing season from December until March. Heavy snowfalls higher in the Alps are usually for around 9 months of the year.

Best time to visit Switzerland

Switzerland is an all year destination and visitors must plan their trip based on the kinds of activities they wish to enjoy.

Summertime is between June until September where visitors can enjoy good rays of sunshine and low rainfall which makes it a perfect time for climbing the mountains and touring the bigger cities.

Wintertime is between November until March when it’s cold and plenty of snow, perfect for those looking to participate in winter sports like skiing. It is also a great time of year to travel to a few of the smaller villages on the border of the Alps due to the cheerful spirit and amazing scenery.

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