16 Stunning New York Attractions For Tourists 2019

new york attractions

These New York attractions are in undeniably a standout amongst the most fantastic and modern urban communities in the entire world, and there is such a significant number of activities to appreciate here that one would never feel burnt out on it! In case you are going to the city out of the blue or simply need to recognize what you should not miss on your upcoming visit then read on.

Must see New York attractions for tourist

  1. The Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty new york attractions

The Statue of Liberty is without a doubt will be the first among all New York attractions. To see the statue very close, you can get a ship out to Ellis Island, or get the free Staten Island Ferry round-trip to spare a couple of pennies for a good glimpse from a distant.

  1. The Top of the Rock

Top of The Rock New York attractions

The Top of the Rock is situated in Midtown Rockefeller center’s highest floors. It‘s priced at around $25 per ticket and surely offers amongst the most breathtaking sights on New York. You will be amazed by the scenery that lies before you from the deck.

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  1. The Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Best seen from the Top of the Rock, the Empire State Building is facing straight of it. Construction of the Empire State Building started in 1929 and it is today one of New York’s most famous attractions.

  1. The Metropolitan Museum

Metropolitan Museum

The Metropolitan Museum is located beside Central Park and its massive space holds several of the best fine arts on the planet. It merits looking at the Temple of Dendur where the Met Ball is held annually, it is flawless and in the winter time, the view out to Central Park is enchanting. While there’s no payment at the entrance, they accept donations.

  1. Central Park

Central Park new york attractions

Central Park is situated right in the center of the city and is a not to be missed spot should you visit New York. On the off chance that you are traveling in winter, at that point, the Trump Rink is certainly worth a little time to ice skate. The Central Park Zoo is additionally inside the grounds and in case you are into that kind of action, it’s certainly worth your visit. Or else, simply take a walk, a day run, or even contract a paddle boat to appreciate the place!

  1. The Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower new york attractions

Completed and opened in 2014, the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) restored the hole in the New York’s skyline that gone missing following the shocking 9/11 attack that happened in 2001. The new structure itself is totally modern and the mere façade of it is so outstanding, particularly when the sun starts to set! The One World Observatory is currently open to the general population and priced 30 US dollars to go up.

  1. Times Square

Times Square

Probably the most famous square in New York, it’s named based on the New York Times when its headquarters transferred there in 1904. On the off chance that you like to watch the sky light up with lights, this is the best place to be because it is just so vibrant and full of energy just to be in the place. It is unquestionably worth your time in the city, as it is additionally in the center of the theater area.

  1. The 9/11 Memorial

The 9/11 Memorial

In 2011, the historic 9/11 Memorial was opened in on the tenth commemoration of the attacks. The Park is a wonderful tribute to every one of those that passed away in the attacks. It is situated on the spot where the two towers used to stand and is certainly a must visit place in New York City.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge

new york attraction Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is by nonetheless a standout amongst the most picturesque bridges that connect Manhattan to the external precincts. It was finished in 1883 and is one of the famous New York attractions just as being one of the most seasoned suspension structures in America.

  1. Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim building is perfect enough not to mention the craftsmanship it houses inside. In the event that you need to appreciate the engineering and view some wonderful fine arts

  1. A Broadway Show

Broadway Show

There is nothing like watching a Broadway show. One tip you need to be reminded of is to secure tickets ahead of time, yet do not stress on the off chance that you haven’t, your lodging attendant will probably help. Broadway is prestigious for many amazing musical shows so make sure to watch one that you really like.

  1. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

brooklyn Botanical gardens

If you are following my list of New York attractions you can not miss this spot. Situated over the bridge from Manhattan stands the Brooklyn Botanical gardens, a heavenly garden in the city that never rests.

  1. Charging Bull and Wall Street

Charging Bull and Wall Street

The Charging Bull is also an important landmark among all New York attractions that is situated down in the city’s financial district. It has been on the bowling green from 1989

  1. Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry

One of the things you can do in NY city is to ride the Staten Island Ferry. It is totally free and it will pass by the world famous Statue of Liberty and offer awesome sights back crosswise over to Lower Manhattan. There is even a bar on board to get a lager and appreciate the sights.

  1. New York Public Library

New York Public Library

New York Public Library is lovely, the most delightful space is located on the third Floor reading exhibit which flaunts stunning, resplendent ceiling fixtures and is the ideal area to just relax and dig into a fabulous novel. The building is wonderful and isn’t to be missed on a visit to the Big Apple.

  1. Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

List of New York attractions is incomplete without this place. A pretty space, the Grand Central Station is unquestionably the most flawless of the NY train station.  There is likewise an incredible bagel shop inside which you should visit!

Big Eats, Cheap Finds in New York City

new york attractions

  • Falafel at Mamoun’s

If you are looking for cheap eats, head for the school children’s favorite spots. The Greenwich Village where Mamoun is located is not just a most loved of NYU understudies, it is a great place for anybody looking for good sustenance at affordable costs.

  • Cheeseburger at Paul’s Da Burger Joint

The district encompassing St. Mark’s in the Eastern Village is basically a low-spending food mecca. Furthermore, the family-run Paul’s is a leader for budget travelers.

  • Hide-Chan Ramen’s Timeless Ramen

Store bought ramen cup noodles will dependably be a cheaper alternative, as the quality of noodle bowls can be truly exorbitant due to simmered broths takes a long time to prepare, plus the pork and hand-pulled noodles.

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs at Pasta Flyer

Mark Ladner might have earned his name as Exec. Chef of the tony Del Posto, however, his culinary background is, in reality, more in accordance with everyday dining.

  • Bagels and Bialys at Kossar’s

Bagels are good business in New York City, and locals still draw conclusions on who bakes the best. In any case, 80-year-old Lower East Side mainstay Kossar’s has leg up. Just take a look at its foot traffic.

  • Banh Mi at Ba Xuyen

The Chinatown in Sunset Park is not only a popular destination for dollar dumpling and dim sum hot spots, but it is also additionally home to Ba Xuyen, what many would refer as the best banh mi in New York.

Interesting New York Festivals

New York Festivals

Events and festivals hosted in New York city always draw in an immense number of festival-goers every year. The city’s roads, parks, and amusement areas are frequently stuffed with partygoers appreciating an assortment of motorcades and festivities. Check out some of the colorful and unique New York Festivals

  • Chinese New Year

The city’s parade and festival during the Chinese New Year are based on the lunar timetable, so the date moves every year – however, it is always held at some point in mid-winter. New Yorkers rejoice during the event with a procession that passes its way through Chinatown and Little Italy,

  • St Patrick’s Day Parade

The Irish luck arrives on New York City, home to the biggest and most seasoned St Patrick’s Day march on the planet. Every 17th of March, Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue wakes up with the chorale of bagpipes, the cheers of roughly 2 million observers and enough fields of greens flooding the city.

  • Watch an Indie Film at the Tribeca Film Festival

If there is one happening that’s on every art enthusiast New Yorker’s radar, it will be the Tribeca Film Festival. Presenting a varied movie selection, the fourteen-day celebration

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day

In New York City, Thanksgiving implies just a single thing: the arrival of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The procession, which draws in roughly 3.5 million onlookers and more than 20 million audience members, highlights marching bands, floats, massive balloons and even an early attendance of Santa Claus.

  • Experience New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Gather your loud jolly friends and make your way at Times Square on New Year’s Eve. The festive vibe is unlike anywhere in the world.  The scene likewise includes live exhibitions, confetti and a group one-eighth the measure of New York City’s complete populace.

Cheapest time to Travel to New York City

It might seem a bit difficult to travel cheap in the city of New York as all the things from activities to transport is likely to cost you more. However, keep in mind that tourists can plan ahead to schedule their visit to be able to lower the travel expenses.

To compare, the priciest airfares are tagged in the months where tourism is at its highest, which is on July and August.

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