Places To Visit In China – 10 Best Places To Explore

places to visit in China

Planning to visit China? I have created a list of 10 best places to visit in China during winters enjoy. There are winter celebrations that are the best of their kind in the world, particularly lovely frigid picturesque zones, and places in south China that have mellow climate throughout the entire year.

China may still not a famous travel destination to tick off some winter goals but the country has some of the best slopes and outdoor activities. Added to that the advantages of low winter travel cost in the country and the beautiful picturesque outdoors it has to offer.

The icy winter can’t keep adventure-driven travelers who profoundly adore the outdoors. In China, there are numerous spots for you to pick.

Best Places To Visit in China for an Unforgettable Winter Travel

On the off chance that you originate from an area where it doesn’t snow, China’s wonderful snow view would be especially worth seeing. If you need to take in some naturally Chinese mountain landscape in the snow, check out areas like the Yellow Mountains and Mount Emei.

If winter wonderland is in your travel bucket list, China will put on a fantastic show for you. It can offer a perfect balance of winter way of life and a beautiful wintry setting, great for Instagram! Get inspired for your next big Chinese winter adventure with these destinations.

  1. Mt.Wawu

places to visit in China

Coming at #1 among places to visit in China. Mount Wawu is situated toward the southwest of Sichuan Hongya County. It is just around 50 km to the world-famous Mt. Emei, and 60 km to Leshan. Leshan, Mt. Emei, and Wawu Mountain create a movement triangle in the southwest Sichuan region which can be accessed easily. Called for its level top, which takes after the tile-roofed places of old China, this mountain got its moniker Tiled House Mountain. The mountain covers a territory of in excess of 10 square kilometers. The summit is covered in crude firs and winged serpent spruces. A few cascades can be found at Mount Wawu. Among these, the Lanxi waterfall drops 1,040 m and is the most renowned. Bird trees and azaleas spread along the mountain peak, giving astounding scenery to mountain sees. The mountain is snow-topped in wintertime for about five months for the most part from the end of November to early March, giving the mountain a remarkable northern form.

  1. Beiji Village, Mohe

places to visit in China

Located in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, Mohe is just the size of the Heilongjiang River far from Russia and as the country’s most northerly point, has been known as China’s North Pole. Furthermore, situated on the edges of Beiji, Mohe’s northernmost town somewhere in the range of 88 km from the province seat, the 1.2- sq. km park is the first of its kind in China. It includes a Christmas Post Office, Santa Claus House, and snow structures. Santa Clause’s House is the central command of the town’s most vital inhabitant – a full, white-unshaven man in a red ensemble who gives out presents to kids. The two-story wooden building is embellished with near 100 Santa doll toys. Beautifications likewise swing from Christmas trees and a full-scale size model of a reindeer sleigh. One of the best places to visit in China.


  1. Hulunbuir

places to visit in China

Hulunbuir Grassland, situated in the upper east of Inner Mongolia, is known as the “most unmarred field” in China. Termed after the Buir and Hulun lakes, the pasture includes the wonderful view of the expansive field, timberlands, streams and lakes, and in addition the one of a kind custom of the Mongolian ethnic gathering. The winter gives a very surprising perspective. White tremendous land, clean blue sky, stunning view and different intriguing exercises – these make the place a universe of excellence and fun.

  1. Emei Mountain, Sichuan

places to visit in China

Coming at #4 among places to visit in China. Emei Mountain, located in Emeishan City in the southwestern area of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, is famous for its holy Buddhist culture and astonishing nature charm. Unique in relation to other frigid mountains, Mount Emei has two rare views in the winter. Around lower regions, thriving leaves and sputtering streams make it as green and delightful as in the late spring. While over the elevation of 2,000 meters, it is a universe of snow and ice. The entire mountain is secured with a white cover, and the trees are covered in rime. The region is in fine climate in February, making Mount Emei a perfect place to appreciate a calm end of the winter.

  1. Jiuzhai Valley, Sichuan

places to visit in China

Located on the northwestern Sichuan Plateau, Jiuzhai Valley can be found in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Province of Sichuan. If you are following my list of places to visit in China then this is a must-visit place. Famous as nature’s supernatural fairyland, the valley charms voyagers with mountains, timberlands, lakes, cascades and abounding nature life. Lakes around the valley change its shade as per their points and depth, hitting an energetic diverges from the blue sky and snow-wrapped pinnacles. At the point when winter comes, the mountains and trees are secured with snow. The brilliant water contrasts with the snow-white environment, making the territory looks considerably all the more mesmerizing.

  1. Changbai Mountain, Jilin

places to visit in China

Changbai Mountain, in the southeast piece of Jilin Province, sits on the fringe amongst China and North Korea. Thought about the most renowned mountain in Northeast China, Mount Changbai is outstanding for its blanketed landscape, cool summer and a wealth of mineral springs. Changbai Mountain International Natural Skiing Park is imminent as the biggest ski resort in Asia with characteristic snow. Visitors can have a great time skiing, make snow molds, and have snowball battles in the recreation center. Following a bustling day trip, scrubbing down in the hot spring around the foot of the mountain will unwind your body and soul.

  1. Tianchi Lake Xinjiang China

Tianchi Lake Xinjiang China

Tianchi Lake one of the best places to visit in China. It is situated at the middle of Bogda Peak, which is at the focal point of Heavenly Mountain. Amidst Bogda Peak, 110 kilometers east of Urumqi, settles Heavenly Lake.  It covers a zone of 1.9 square miles encompassed by high dragon spruces and snow-topped mountains. With a delicate breeze that’s always gusting, it is a perfect place for skating events.

  1. Jilin Rime

places to visit in China

In the upper east of China in Jilin Province, there is an unfrozen waterway, even in frosty winter, going through the territory, called Songhua River, both of whose banks are enlivened with excellent ice. Jilin Rime is outstanding for its phenomenal combination of ice blooms suspending tight on pine trees. It is viewed as one of China’s four natural marvels, together with the Stone Forest in Yunnan, Mountains, and Waters in Guilin and the three Gorges in the Yangtze River.

Only 260 km southwest of Harbin is Jilin’s Rime Ice and Snow Festival.

  1. Harbin

Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

On the off chance that you don’t fear icy of winter, you can pick going to Harbin for an icy journey. Can be found on the northeastern side of China in Heilongjiang Province, Harbin has radiant history, a renowned city that incorporated Chinese and overseas culture and thus tagged as “Little Paris in the Orient” and “Moscow in the Orient.” It is the vacation destination which you should experience.

Due to its bitterly cold winter with usual temperatures getting as low as -13°C during the day and -24°C during the night, Harbin has been labeled as the “Ice City” which also became famous for its amazing winter ice sculpture festival.

The Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, the world’s largest ice festival, presents tourists with massive and stunning ice snow sculptures with different themes. This yearly extravaganza allows visitors can also see some ice and snow performances or take part in some winter activities. Visitors can spend hours touring through the streets, play in ice slides, Ice flowers, snow sculptures, ice tower, horse-drawn sleigh, and participate in different competitions. It’s nothing short of a real-life scene from the famous film, Frozen. Nowadays, there are many artists, sculpture fans from different continents gathering in Harbin to participate in sculpture competitions.

  1. Yuanyang

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Coming at #10 among places to visit in ChinaYuanyang is about 308 km away from the capital city of Yunnan – Kunming and one of the best place to visit in China during winter. Yuanyang is known for its impressive Hani Rice Terrace listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

All through the winter to the early spring season, the entire ground is watered with spring water from the jungle on top to give life and as a preparation for the next budding season. It is composed of 3 picturesque spots – Bada Scenic Spot and Laohuzui Scenic Spot which are best for sundown, the Duoyishu Scenic Spot which is best for the crack of dawn. No matter you want to capture the changing rice terrace or have a nice encounter to know more customs about Hani people and their wisdom, you would not be disappointed.

Winter Things to Do in China

Food: Chinese individuals like eating, and favored dishes that are distinct in their area, and for each season for one’s sustenance. Chinese individuals’ most loved winter dishes include hotpot which can warm the body and enhance blood flow. Additionally, eating hotpot is an incredible approach to mingle. Individuals get around the pot, talking, eating, drinking, and having some good times. Hotpot dinners are particularly supported in winter when outside exercises like short strolls and lounging around in the parks are not all that wonderful due to the chilly climate.

Congee is presumably the most widely recognized of the Chinese breakfast, particularly in south China, where wheat nourishments are less normal. It is a mellow flavored rice porridge that has been cooked for quite a while with a lot of water to make the rice softer. It is preferred in winter as it’s helpful and hot.

Winter Travel Tips

China’s low season is when tourism travel in China is at a yearly low. Costs are decreased to empower off-season travel spending. It starts in November and finishes in March except Chinese New Year when it appears that the entire country is on tour.

Going to China amid the low season might be the perfect thing for you. Far less crowd, less expensive lodgings and flights, winter view and exercises, and a cool, frosty atmosphere may intrigue you plus more space and a greater capacity to fully explore the best parts of the country.

Hesitate to plan your winter vacation? Worried about the icy weather all over that you think there’s nothing to do when outdoors? Practically every travel spots in the country become congested with tourists during the autumn and summer, but the crowds are avoidable if you are willing to embrace a snowy aesthetic or mild-temperature weather, China’s most popular destinations take on a brand new appeal.

Winter is officially from December to February in China. For a number of travelers, the winter is short, dark and boring. But, this is not the real thing in China. China is vast enough making you step into a white snow paradise with a temperature as low as -24°C in North China, or you can have fun in the tropical zone with a temperate as mild as 27°C in South China. If you want to stay away from intense weathers, you may visit the coastal cities in southeast China and try some fun activities with your loved ones.

Enjoy winter festivals

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, the traditional Chinese Spring Festival.

Appreciate beautiful scenery

China snow town scenery, snow sculptures, rice terraces, Hakka earth buildings, tropical seaside scenery.


You can try different kinds of activities in Yabuli Ski Resort or Xiling Snow Mountain. Xiling Snow Mountain is known as China’s biggest ski resort that provides more than 20 various kinds of activities in ski field. You can try skiing, zorb, snow tubing, snowmobiling, bounce-flying and a lot more that travelers can completely enjoy the adrenalin of ski sports.

Experience China’s Winter Wonderland

Get out of your comfort zone and try to learn some Mandarin. Soon you, as a traveler will start to understand this charming and sometimes confusing country. While most of the people travel to China in spring, summer or autumn, the country is also a special place to spend winter, provided that you bring a coat—winter in China is a beautiful, exceptional and peaceful experience.

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