Places To Visit In Australia 20 Spectacular Places 2019

Places to visit in Australia

The first reason people looking for places to visit in Australia is that. It is the only nation in the world that envelops an entire continent. And one of the largest countries on Earth – Australia.

Even though it is abundant in natural resources and boasts of fertile land, over a third of Australia is desert. The majority of the cities and farms sit in the southwest and southeast, where the weather is more comfortable. The popular places to visit in Australia include Australian outback the country’s largest deserts, where there are sweltering temperatures, little water, and virtually no vegetation.

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Almost a quarter of the populace living in Australia was born in other countries. They originated from European countries like the UK and other areas like Vietnam, China, Middle East, and North Africa.

The country’s friendly climate and plenty of open spaces gives the communities great love for the outdoors.

Here are 20 stunning places to visit in Australia:

Australian architects have designed a number of the most uncommon and future-type buildings in the world. Embodying a piece of the nation’s identity. It is where century-old sandstone theatres, halls, and stations sit beside ultra-modern glass and concrete homes, art galleries and courts. As of late, loud and colorful stadiums, skyscrapers and innovative museums have appeared.

Properties are opening themselves to the elements, working with the landscape and incorporating the indigenous experience of the country. Let us discover some of Australia’s stunning places to visit.

  1. Sydney Opera House

places to visit in Australia

Sydney Opera House is without a doubt one of the most popular places to visit in Australia, this iconic structure is one of the world’s most recognizable buildings. Back in 1956, a worldwide contest to design an opera house for Sydney was carried out. Danish architect Jørn Utzon was declared the winner with his amazing design. Built similar to giant shells or billowing sails, Sydney Opera House graces the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  1. Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria

Voted the sixth best public square in the world by the Landscape Architects Network. This modern piazza turned into the city’s meeting place. It is built beside Melbourne’s busiest train station on top of a working railway.

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  1. Sydney Harbor Bridge

places to visit in Australia

Along with the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s most popular travel destinations. This impressive structure is the world’s largest steel arch bridge. Completed in 1932, forty years before the Sydney Opera House, it rises 134 meters above the harbor. The bridge extends five hundred meters, connecting the central business district and Sydney’s North Shore.

  1. Wanangkura Stadium

Image credits to the owner

Impressive architecture isn’t limited to the big cities of Australia. In the distant town of Port Hedland in North West Australia. It is a sweeping stadium sits atop the red Pilbara region dirt. The objective according to architecture firm ARM was to create an oasis in the desert. The building has won awards for public architecture and is crafted from enamel panels. That tolerate unforgiving conditions like tropical cyclones and high temperatures.

  1. Council House

places to visit in Australia

Located close to St. George’s Cathedral and the Swan River foreshore, Council House is considered as Perth’s best example of modern architecture. It opened in 1963 and was designed by Jeffrey Howlett and Don Bailey, 2 young Melbourne architects. The building has floor-to-ceiling double-glazed windows in aluminum frames on all four walls. As well as T-shaped sunshades where it turns the building into a “colorful cube in the sky”.

  1. Rose Seidler House

A master of the modernist movement, Viennese-born Harry Seidler is perhaps Australia’s most admired architect. When the Rose Seidler House was completed in 1950, it was the most talked about house in Sydney. The exterior is set far from the street and boasts a façade featuring a stark, cube-like form.

  1. South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

Designed by Woods Bagot, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute. It is intended to jumpstart the country’s international medical science efforts and provide the city of Adelaide. With its very own architectural icon. The sparkling building with a diamond-shaped facade that adjusts to sun, heat, glare, and wind. To maintain ideal interior temperatures and light levels appears to float, thanks to its raised platform base. The modern structure that got its inspiration from the skin of a pine cone. It reacts to its environment like a living organism.

  1. Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre

Glenn Murcutt, a winner of the Pritzker Prize, has centered his career on taking up Australian conditions. Treading gently on the earth, and allowing light to penetrate interior spaces. Designed with two fellow architects for Australian artists Yvonne and Arthur Boyd in 1997. The structure comprises an irregular-shaped, deeply contoured base in white cardboard, on which are situated a number of small structures.

  1. Melbourne Cricket Ground

A sports stadium situated in Yarra Park, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It is one of the oldest and largest capacity sporting grounds in the world. It has a great history and spiritual importance as the dwelling of Australian cricket. And it is also a primary site for Australian Rules Football. The stadium hosts both int’l. and nat’l. Cricket Matches and also houses Australia’s National Sports Museum.

Australia’s Awe-Inspiring Nature Spots

There are quite a few types of rainforests in Australia. Usually found in the northeast, tropical rainforests are abundant in animal and plant species. Subtropical rainforests are located close to the mid-eastern coast, and broadleaf rainforests spread in the southeast and on Tasmania Island.

Due to its remote location, the ecosystem of Australia is uncommon. In effect, there are a lot of animal species that can only be found here nowhere else in the world. Like the platypus, echidna, kangaroo, and koala. The country has more than 500 national parks to protect its rare plants and animals.

  1. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Can be seen from outer space, Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest living structures on the planet. The marine park spans 2,300 km along with the state of Queensland, on Australia’s east coast.

  1. Uluru

Uluru places to visit in Australia

One of the most spectacular places to visit in Australia rises like a giant whale’s back. A flat red soil desert called the Red Center. Uluru, previously called Ayers Rock can be seen in the heart of the Northern Territory and Australia. The world’s largest monolith forms the centerpiece of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, a World Heritage Area. Renowned for its natural and cultural value, it is certainly one of Australia’s most famous landmarks. And the greatest of all Australian landforms if you are traveling and sightseeing Down Under. To appreciate these sacred sites more, it’s best to join a tour led by Aboriginal guides and rangers.

  1. Heart Reef

Heart Reef

Having been featured many times on both movie and tv, the Heart Shaped Reef, in Hardy Reef. Has become a famous Queensland landmark and icon of Australia. The area presents one of the best marine views of the Great Barrier Reef in general. Therefore snorkeling and scuba-diving should certainly be included in travel activities.

  1. Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park

The lovely Blue Mountains National Park located west of Sydney Mountains National Park. Is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a popular day trip from the city. Labeled for the blue haze emanating from the many eucalyptus trees. This beautiful park protects acres of wilderness and encompasses spectacular gorges, waterfalls, Aboriginal rock paintings, and kilometers of hiking trails. Many areas inside the park offer elevated views of the dense forests such as Skyway, Scenic Walkway, and Scenic Cableway. The most popular spot in the park is the towering sandstone rock formations called the Three Sisters. The park’s other features include the world’s steepest Katoomba Scenic Railway which whisks people down. The Jamison Valley through a cliff-side tunnel into an ancient rainforest.

  1. Port Arthur

The country’s most integral convict settlement which includes restored structures and houses. A coal mine, ruins, a harbor, a factory. And even an Isle of the Dead these can be seen at Port Arthur. A village and historic site in southern Tasmania, it is now an open-air museum. That offers interactive experiences and a bistro serving fresh Tasmanian produce.

  1. Daintree National Park

North Queensland’s Daintree National Park is one of the most ancient ecosystems on Earth. The place belongs to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal community, with much of its natural features hold great spiritual importance. This beautiful stretch of coastline is among the rare places in the world. Wherein two of the planet’s richest ecosystems meet. Tourists can immerse in nature with simple strolls to rock climbs. Your mountaineering shoes have every reason to get excited to a Daintree visit. The biodiversity of the park consists of more than 18 thousand plant species. And a vast range of animal species, such as the crocodile, cassowary, giant blue Ulysses butterfly. And the secretive Bennett’s tree kangaroo.

  1. Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located between Bundaberg and Brisbane off Australia’s east coast. It is considered the world’s biggest sand island and among the country’s best outdoor adventures, particularly for four-wheel drive aficionados. Alongside Seventy-Five Mile Beach, it is where rainforests and sand dunes merge in one place. Views of rusted hulls of shipwrecks, The Cathedrals’ colored sandstone cliff, and Champagne Pools bubbly water crashing against volcanic rocks.

  1. Kakadu National Park

The World Heritage Listed Kakadu National Park is an enormous 19,804 square kilometer, which is about half of Switzerland’s size. Kakadu is Australia’s biggest national park and the second largest in the world. The site contains a huge number of diverse and vibrant habitats. From rivers, estuaries, forests, and swamps to rugged gorges and rocky cliffs. It is popular for its flora, fauna and rock art.

  1. Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island

Majority of the locals of Kangaroo Island are main producers. That offers few of the best native food cuisine to be found in the country. One can catch a glimpse of sea dragons in the waters, and a lot of wrecks remain offshore. Recognized as the Remarkable Rocks for the stunning, wind-sculpted rock formations, and Admirals Arch in Flinders Chase National Park. Some unique features of the island, and you’ll find a lot of hiking trails. Along the towering sea cliffs and in the unspoiled forests. With one-third of the island recognized as a conservation area or National Park, a flourishing food tradition. A distinct art scene, all infused in a rich history, there is something for everyone at Kangaroo Island.

  1. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach places to visit in Australia

Located in one of the world’s most fascinating cities. Epitomizing the ‘Australian’ lifestyle,  Bondi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world. The expansive stretch of golden coastline, situated in a dazzling bay. Has long been known for its fabulous surf, sun, sand, and people.

  1. Shark Bay

places to visit in Australia

Impressive Shark Bay is one of the country’s most recognized wildlife spots. It is home to thousand-year-old Stromatolites, dolphins, whales, whale sharks, sea turtles and dugongs and much more. In 1991, the Shark Bay World Heritage Area has been the first place in West Australia to be given the UNESCO status. For nature lovers, this is one of the famous places to visit in Australia.

Australia, Land of Dreams

From the revered legends of its indigenous people to the great spirits. That created the rainforests, coral reefs, and scorched red deserts, to world travelers. Who expressed Australia as their dream destination, the Land Down Under deserves all the fame. The country being the world’s smallest continent and the largest island is almost similar size as the U.S.A.

Australia is also a country of surprising contrasts and amazing beauty. Tourists can explore vivid multicultural metropolis sitting along the beaches, huge rainforests, enormous sand islands. And one of the world’s most breathtaking natural treasures – the Great Barrier Reef. In remote places, extensive national parks and red-earthed deserts present the best in travel adventure. With the laid-back feel and friendly locals. It’s easy to see why Australia scores big on bucket lists around the world.

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