Places To Visit In Brazil – 11 Breathtaking Attractions

places to visit in Brazil

Want to visit Brazil? I have created a list of places to visit in Brazil which will make your trip unforgettable. Imagine lounging on a beautiful beach under the sun, relaxing while you sip on some fresh coconut juice given by a kind, smiling elder. Imagine Brazil.

Admit it, you have been dreaming of enjoying the famed Carnival held by this Latin American paradise for years. Brazil has most likely made its way onto your travel bucket list.

11 Breathtaking Places To Visit In Brazil

Brazil is among the main travel destinations in Latin America and makes a lot of tourism revenues every year. The unspoiled wilderness of the Amazon rainforest, long white sand beaches, the nation’s cultural charm, and interesting history also attractions millions of foreign visitors. Surely, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are both lovely, but definitely, there are other attractions you should not miss when in Brazil. Let me show you around with some of the country’s priced gems.

  1. Christ the Redeemer

places to visit in Brazil

Coming at #1 in the list of places to visit in Brazil. Christ the Redeemer is the most iconic symbol of the country’s Christianity. Standing at peak of 23000 feet on top of Corcovado mountain, the statue has a height of 98ft and its arms stretches to 92feet wide. Its right arm points to South Rio De Janeiro while the left arm points towards North Rio De Janeiro.

In 1889, a Catholic priest named Pedro Maria Boss suggested to build a larger religious monument but was refused for some reasons. During the 1920s, the Catholic circle of Rio handed the 2nd proposal and the construction of Christ the Redeemer started from 1922 until 1931.

Strengthened concrete and soapstones were utilized in building the statue. Matter of fact, the statue was formed in pieces and brought them to the top of Corcovado mountain, which later were assembled together to form the statue. On October 12, 1931, Christ the Redeemer was officially opened to show everyone the love of Jesus Christ.


  1. Rio Carnival

places to visit in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, a city famous for its stark contrasts, beautiful golden beaches, incredible forests, and a busy capital creating a home for its 6M residents and an exceptional travel spot for its millions of yearly visitors. Aside from the obvious destination spots like Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf, and Copacabana, do not miss the lesser-known spots like the TransCarioca 180km trek, or the stunning sunset at Arpoador.

If you love music and an outstanding stage for a street party, then you must experience the Rio Carnival and all its entertainment glory. Hugely popular, Rio carnival lets viewers have as much as fun, as they sing and dance and simply enjoy the revelry. It’s one of those world festivals that had made headlines, it’s celebrated annually, 6 weeks before Easter. The carnival will take over every single corner of the city and runs for 5 days and starts on Friday and ends on Tuesday.

Many consider the Samba parade as the best part of this festival, as samba schools compete as their performers parade through streets of Brazil, playing upbeat music and dancing. Each year performers chooses a special theme and outrageous costumes for the samba parade.

  1. Iguazu Falls

places to visit in Brazil

In the southern down part of Brazil, Foz de Iguaçu is a small town that straddles the border of Paraguay and Argentina. It is one of the most stunning places to visit in Brazil due to the Foz de Iguazu waterfalls. Comprises hundreds of powerful cascades, Iguazu Falls is massive, included in the largest waterfall system in the world.

It touches the borders of three countries: Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. This falls divide the Iguazu River into 2 levels, upper and lower Iguazu. Taller and wider than Niagara, the height of Iguazu falls ranges from 197ft to 269ft and during rainy season water flows at a rate of 450,000 cubic feet per second over Iguazu waterfalls.

On November 11, 2011, Iguazu Falls was listed in UNESCO’s world heritage sites and declared as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world. Tourist can also see 2000 species of plants in the rainforest around Iguazu waterfalls.

  1. Lencois Maranhenses National Park

places to visit in Brazil

One of the natural wonders of Brazil situated within the state of Maranhao, northeast of Brazil, the name ‘Lençóis’ literally translates to ‘bedsheets’. Recognized for its striking desert landscape, the 383,000-acre national park covers a continuous stretch of white sand dunes. A guided tour lets visitors enjoy the solitude and splendor of the field and the best time to visit is after the rainy season, when the dips between the dunes fill up with deep blue and green pools of fresh water holding special species of wolffish and tigerfish, adding to the uniqueness of the landscape.

Key tour activities of this national park include riding over sand dunes in jeep and boat riding and flying over the national park.

  1. Fernando De Noronha

places to visit in Brazil

Coming at #5 in the list of places to visit in Brazil. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, 350 kilometers off the coast of Brazil in the northern state of Pernambuco lies an archipelago of 21 islands with its lovely beaches, terrains and abundant wildlife. With jagged coastlines and shallow seas, get the chance to see varieties of fish species, sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and the most spot-on Instagram photos you will ever capture.

This protected area offers some opportunities for relaxation on golden beaches and getting close to wildlife. To ensure a sustainable eco-tourism on this ecological sanctuary, only a limited number of tourists are allowed each year in these island at specific seasons, thus it still takes pride the most amazing natural landscapes in Brazil.

To get the best view of coastal views and landscapes, walk or cycle to explore the area. With a lot of islands, visitors can enjoy diving, snorkeling, surfing, horse riding, sailing, dolphin watching, and underwater photography. Natural tidal pools are accessible as well in these islands.

  1. Amazon Theatre

places to visit in Brazil

In the core part of the Amazon rainforest lies the historic theater in the city of Manaus in Northern Brazil. Amazon Theater is also known as Manaus opera house. Amazonas opera festival will carry out in this historic theater during May every year. The architectural design applied to the construction of this theater is Renaissance style.

Construction materials used were shipped from many countries by Celestial Sacardim, the site’s lead architect. The theater also hosts musical concerts as well as Amazonas philharmonic orchestra.

  1. Canoa Quebrada

places to visit in Brazil

A global travel beach, Canoa Quebrada can be found in a small bay at the base of cliffs in the state of Ceara, Brazil. Some tourist activities which can be done on this site include horseback riding, dune buggies, sand boarding, sailing, mountain biking, and windsurfing. Many couples love the place for its beautiful sunsets.

Discovered in the 1970s for tourism, Canoa Quebrada’s first visitors found unspoiled beachscape and simple life with hospitable locals. Despite its transformation from largely a fishing town to a tourist spot, Canoa has not lost its beauty that even nowadays the locals preserve the practice of fishing with rafts in the ocean. Come night time, visitors can savor some native delicacies cooked by European chefs who live in the area. The availability of delicious seafood like shrimps, oysters, stingrays, lobster, and crabs can be the best part of your trip to this beach.

  1. Botanical Garden Of Curitiba

Botanical Garden Of Curitiba

For a nation with a population of more than 200 million, it is easy to overlook that everything in Brazil is not like Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba reminds us that. Situated the state of Parana in the southern part of Brazil, Curitiba is recognized as one of the best places to visit in Brazil. when it comes to good urban planning, creating sustainable architecture, and green neighborhood with an efficient recycling system. As the government addresses civic issues and creates organized public transportation links, it is a secure and efficient city to relax and explore the culture.

The Botanical garden of Curitiba opened in 1991 and was designed in French garden style. The greenhouse, have art nouveau style, created from glass and metal, the entrance is the prime attraction of this garden, and houses a lot of special plant species.

The botanical museum in this garden has collected sets of local flora and a few other botanical species. The photographs, sculptures, videos, and publication in the exhibit of this garden are also special features that charm travelers.

  1. Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest

Among the most majestic ecosystems in the world, the great Amazon rainforest goes on to be a commanding and mystifying jungle. The intricate ecosystem composed of hundreds of flora and fauna that co-exist in a network that is distinct in the world. Travel Tours in the region are in fact great for the forest as it provides an income resource to residents who depend largely on tourism rather than hunting endangered animals. It also gives visitors the chance to explore a wonderful part of the world where monkeys, river dolphins, and brightly-colored tree frogs call home.

More than 60% of Amazon rainforest has the world’s largest tropical rainforest is situated within the range of Brazil. Amazon rainforest has the largest collection of known species of plants and animals with 1,300 species of bird, 40,000 species of plant, 3,000 species of fish, 430 species of amphibian, and 380 species of reptiles. Compared with other places to visit in Brazil, a visit to the Amazon rainforest is more challenging. But adventurous travelers can spot exciting species of birds and animals.

Boat trips are the best way of discovering the splendor of the forest and the Amazon River. Hire skilled guides to help on your tour and spot every attraction in Amazon for more secured exploration. Tourists can also observe up close on the lifestyle of different tribes that lives within the banks of the Amazon River. Try to get in-depth knowledge on ways they are deeply connected with forest.

  1. Cathedral of Brasilia

Cathedral of Brasilia

Coming at #10 in the list of places to visit in Brazil. Among the world’s most amazing churches, the Cathedral of Brasilia is Brazil’s architectural icon. It is also recognized as the ‘Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady Aparecida’. Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer designed the structure which opened in 1970.

This cathedral is primarily famous for 16 different concrete columns utilized for its construction, have a parabolic section, represents hands rising to heaven. Tourists can also catch sight of the 3 bronze sculptures which have a height of 3 meters at the entrance of the cathedral. This religious site makes natural illumination at dazzling sunlight through the glass as a gap in between concrete columns filled.

Also housed inside the church is the Shroud of Turin, famous piece of linen cloth believed to have been used for covering Jesus’ body after the crucifixion, precisely the reason why millions of travelers visited the church every year.

  1. Pantanal

places to visit in Brazil

If you are set for an adventure that will toss you into the heart of the wild, you will be glad to pay a visit to the Pantanal, the world’s biggest wetland, it can rival the Amazon for biodiversity. Situated in the center of Brazil, this massive wetland has some stunning natural views that are home to among the most distinct and complex ecosystems in the world. Sign up for a guided tour to discover the remarkably preserved natural setting for and watch out for capybaras, caimans, thousands of bird species, and even the occasional shy jaguar.

Brazil, a Unique and Exciting Destination for Adventure Explorers

As the world’s 5th largest country, Brazil prides itself on having over 70 national parks and several iconic monuments, such as Christ the Redeemer, one of the Seven Wonders of the New World located in Rio de Janeiro. Collectively, these breathtaking places to visit in Brazil make up on the most attracting and interesting destinations in South America. Tourism is a very important sector of the country’s economy. The nation invites people to explore further, thus travelers coming from different parts of the world discover Brazil’s dazzling coasts, sparkly blue oceans, vibrant metropolises, and lush forests that house jaguars, monkeys, and river dolphins. The massive landscape of Brazil has many treasured gems, including these 11 breathtaking places to visit in Brazil.

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