Places To Visit In Taiwan – 25 Must Visit Places 2019

places to visit in Taiwan

Looking for places to visit in Taiwan? you are in the right place. Every time Taiwan is mentioned, most people usually think of the iconic Taipei 101, the busy night markets and its Asian street food. Although Taipei’s cityscape is colorful enough to explore, the geography of this small Asian country is blessed with more than just beautiful skyscrapers.

Situated between the complex tectonics of Okinawa Plate, Yangtze Plate, and Philippine Mobile Belt Plate, Taiwan is a perfect spot for mountain hiking or going for day trips away from all the craziness of the metro.

These places to visit in Taiwan are quite interesting because they hold surprises in every turn, giving away a unique touch only Taiwan can give. Once you have traveled to this eastern hemisphere, you will promise yourself to return for more holiday escapes.

Here are 25 places to visit in Taiwan:

  1. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

places to visit in Taiwan

Coming at #1 among the places to visit in Taiwan, Chiang Kai Shek was Taiwan’s beloved president since its formation until 1975 when he passed away. This lovely Memorial Hall which was built in honor of his memory and contribution to society is one of today’s most iconic sites in the city. It is utterly an eye-catching tribute with white walls and a blue, octagon roof.

  1. Experience the Hustle and Bustle of Ximending

places to visit in Taiwan

Head out to Ximending if you want to go through the best nightspots Taipei can give. This famous neighborhood was the country’s first pedestrian zone, has developed and at present includes many of Taiwan’s best pop culture attractions. Situated in the Wanhua District, it is known as the ‘Shopping Paradise’ welcoming more than 3M shoppers every month trying to look for the best price on clothes, gadgets, books, toys, magazines, and more.

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  1. Trek to a Volcano at Yang Ming Shan National Park

places to visit in Taiwan

Merely stating the name Yang Ming Shan, people tend to associate it with the impression of relaxation, adventure, and wellness. Visitors who travel here for a day trip will be welcomed with mountain hot springs and can take a dip in milky sulfuric baths and calm their senses surrounded with miles of verdant greeneries.

  1. Dare to Visit Snake Alley

places to visit in Taiwan

A unique attraction among places to visit in Taiwan, on Taipei’s narrow Huashi Street, visitors’ bravery is put to test. It’s actually a night market with a section called “Snake Alley” because living reptiles such are killed and put on your plates. If you got a wild appetite and want to experience snacking on snakes, then check this out.

  1. Fly your wish at Ping Xi Station

places to visit in Taiwan

This spot is well recognized for its distinct architectural structure. Ping Xi Station’s marketplace is constructed into a hill, together with a train track that runs in the middle of the village. Here, they celebrate the Pingxi Lantern Festival which attracts thousands of travelers to Taiwan to jot down their wishes on paper lanterns before releasing them to the sky. It’s where the Taiwanese movie, “You are the apple of my eye” was shot. Pingxi has a homier vibe than Shifen Old Street and shopkeepers do not rush travelers when writing on their lanterns.

  1. Paraglide in Luye Gaotai

The paragliding capital of Taiwan, Luye Gaotai is located north of Longtian. The highland area reaches elevations of more than a thousand feet. The winds here are ideal for paragliding, that’s why sports adventurers usually travel to this region. Even if you haven’t tried paragliding before, you’re set to experience an unforgettable time!

  1. See the Niagara Falls of Taiwan at Shi Fen Waterfall

places to visit in Taiwan

Shi Fen Waterfall is often referred to as Taiwan’s Little Niagara due to its horseshoe shape and powerful water flow and a must-see places to visit in Taiwan. Even if it’s not the highest falls the island has, it’s definitely the widest, with about 40 meters wide. Being here is similar to walking in a still life Chinese painting of waterfalls making a trip to Shi Fen waterfall a must-do activity.

  1. Indulge in Acupuncture and Full-Body Massage

places to visit in Taiwan

Taiwan offers an authentic Chinese massage or acupuncture as it is here this practice originated. In effect, finding capable massage therapists and acupuncturists is pretty easy. More than that, these services are remarkably affordable in Taiwan!

  1. Ride the Maokong Gondola and enjoy the city view from above

places to visit in Taiwan

Taipei is a huge city. For a change, instead of traveling by car or train like in many major cities, try riding Taiwan’s first-class gondola. The Maokong Gondola extends 12,000 ft which cover 4 stations. This awesome experience is well worth the ticket.

  1. Take a seat inside the world’s highest Starbucks

places to visit in Taiwan

The city of Taipei houses a lot of international businesses, with some of the world’s biggest companies and skyscrapers dominating the cityscape. Definitely one of the coolest Starbucks in the world is their branch located inside Taipei 101 Mall. It can be accessed on the 35th level and once there, you will be treated to an amazing bird’s-eye view of the city.

  1. Learn Tai-Chi from a Master

places to visit in Taiwan

A lot of travelers from western countries do not have any idea about the ancient art of Tai Chi. You can teach yourself and learn some of its basics by signing up for a class in Taiwan. Majority of the areas have available lessons available, and it is not that difficult to find a true master to teach you how.

  1. Visit Long Shan Temple and Appreciate History

places to visit in Taiwan

A must-see site in Taipei, Long Shan Temple offers the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional. Here, you will catch sights of the everyday religious life of some local Taiwanese. It is inspiring to see how this temple constructed during the 5th year of Qing Dynasty is even now part of the busy 21st century setting, keeping most of its folk art and culture.

  1. Tour Taipei at Night


The city offers so many day trips, for a change of tour plans, try to explore the city at night – when it really comes alive?

  1. Sunset, Tea and Mao Kong Shan


If you love to indulge in breathtaking sunsets, Mao Kong Shan having the best vantage point is the perfect spot in the city to feel the warmth of the setting sun. Though the city views of Taipei are lovely against the horizon, nothing can be more inspiring than watching a sunset from a glass-floored gondola. If you’re traveling in the summer months, it is advised to go up early morning or at night to avoid the intense heat. Likewise, remember to choose the Crystal Cabin or glass floor gondola to fully immerse yourself in the natural setting throughout the 4-kilometer journey up the mountain. In addition, if you take a stroll around Maokong Shan, you will discover a lot of hidden tea houses along the winding lanes. Taipei’s tea plantation, it’s a must that you try their tea.

  1. Catch a Game at Tianmu Baseball Stadium

Tianmu Baseball Stadium

Baseball is famous all over Taiwan. If you will be traveling to Taipei during baseball season, try to watch a game at Tianmu Baseball Stadium. If you’re an American, this will remind you of home and enjoy observing how the locals love the sport.

  1. Climb on top Mountain Keelung

Mountain Keelung

Many illusions can be made up of Mt. Keelung – a birdcage, a pregnant lady, and even King Kong. The attraction sits 588 meters above sea level and is an extinct volcano with a beautiful panoramic view from the top – which takes about 45 minutes to hike.

  1. Travel by Train

places to visit in Taiwan

The train system of Taiwan is outstandingly extensive that it’s feasible to cover the entire island by train. If you have extra time, make sure that at least part of your trip involves riding on the relatively new Taiwan High-Speed Rail for awesome mountain views of the country’s terrain.

  1. Marvel at the Yin Yang Sea

places to visit in Taiwan

Close to the Golden Waterfall is the Yin Yang Sea. The physical spectacle of this sea can be literally explained from its name – the strong contrast between the golden yellow water at the bay and the sparkling blue water from the endless sea. While a lot of people think that the stark contrast is an effect from the mining of gold from factories, it is, in fact, a natural overspill from a nearby geological feature which holds a huge amount of iron pyrite.

  1. Conquer the Taipei 101 Skyscraper

places to visit in Taiwan

An engineering marvel, Taipei 101 is the world’s tallest green building! It’s imposing structure having an antenna that goes 1,670 feet to the sky, the famous skyscraper dominates the skyline of Taipei. A major tourist spot among places to visit in Taiwan, make sure to set aside a few hours to visit. Its outdoor observatory located on the 91st floor offers amazing panoramic views of the city.

  1. Be Mesmerized by the Golden Waterfall

places to visit in Taiwan

This part of the country is by tradition famous for its copper and gold mines. Watch as the blazing sun reflects the beautiful shimmers of the Golden Waterfall. The falls which is situated against the Mt Keelung also looks out to the beautiful Yin Yang Sea. Although the gold and copper mines are no longer operational, some based the phenomenon on this explanation – the sea turned into such because rain seeps into these mines amalgamates with the metal deposits. The result of these chemical reactions is the stunning coppery Golden Waterfall. In addition, all the water from the fall has to go somewhere – the Yin Yang Sea.

  1. Shop at the biggest Jade market in the world

Jade market

While in Taiwan, arrange a schedule to check out the world’s largest jade market Jianguo Holiday Jade Market. This is connected to the Weekend Flower Market where many merchants sell all types of distinct Chinese trinkets, jewelry, and statues. If you are in the market to get something specially made from Taiwan, consider buying from this market. The experience of being here at this place surrounded by gems, whether you buy or not will surely be unforgettable.

  1. Go search for Gold at Gold Ecological Park

Gold Ecological Park

The gold mines that were aplenty during the 1900s, in the times of Japanese colonialism, are turned into museums for the public. If you deem to know more about gold, the Gold Mine Museum is one of the perfect places to visit in Taiwan for learning or even just to hold real gold! Situated near the entrance of the museum is a stall that sells another version of Singapore’s Beancurd that is worth a try.

  1. Go Fishing in Cisintan


If you travel to Taroko Gorge and want to go fishing, make a pit stop at Cisintan. According to local fishermen, this is the prime fishing spot in Taiwan.

  1. Get a Foot Massage on Dihua Street

Places to visit in Taiwan

Taipei is one of the lovely places to visit in Taiwan on foot. But after all the day’s walking, those feet are bound to get tired after a while! Make a stop at Dihua Street to get a foot massage. A lot of shops on this side of town offer affordable foot massage services.

  1. See a Chinese Medicine Doctor

Places to visit in Taiwan

Go for a health checkup and look for a Chinese medicine doctor. If you have only visited Western doctors, this is one of the unique places to visit in Taiwan. In this country, there are a lot of Chinese medicine doctors. The insights you gain will surely be incredible!

When is the best time to visit Taiwan?

Many consider that in general, the best time of year to visit the country is starting from October until April when the weather is usually warm and warm throughout Taiwan. The temperature and rainfall rise in the months of summer months from June until September, with storm season, commonly occur in September. The cherry blossom season starts in March, with the mountain village of Alishan as among the best places to visit in Taiwan.

Taiwan, branded as the “heart of Asia”, is full of with, places to see, interesting things to do, colorful festivals to enjoy all year round and warm friendly locals. This Asian country is an underrated destination a lot of people tend to overlook. Yet the small little island is packed wonderful surprises and the best part is it is a cheap country to go for backpacking.